PARACUP(Animal Intestinal Parasite Detection Cup)




PARACUP (Animal Intestinal Parasite Detection Cup), using nature sedimentation method, using a unique cup design and patented formulation. The liquid can efficiently enrich the parasite eggs in animal feces and greatly improve the detection rate of eggs. Detection method: Nature sedimentation method Nature sedimentation method is a method for dissolving the interfering substances in the feces with a special solution, releasing the eggs, using the device and the filter screen to filter out the eggs, thereby making the detection rate of the egg microscopy is higher.
● Increase the detection rate of eggs by enriching eggs
● Can be enriched such as nematodes, tapeworms, trematodes, whipworms, coccidia and other intestinal parasitic eggs
● Confirmed egg types and infection degree
● Effectively guide clinical targeted drugs
● Commonly used preventive anthelmintic are mostly broad-spectrum insecticides. Animals infected with parasites such as coccidia need to be diagnosed and targeted.