Veterinary Coagulation Analyzer


Healvet Veterinary coagulation analyzer is a portable device that can rapidly detect patient's hemostatic function. It is mainly applied in the field of patient's hemorrhagic disorders screening and diagnosis, the detection of thrombosis dis ease as well as the clinical application guidance and prognosis of anticoagulants, etc. 


Easy-to-use Diagnostic Device 

● Gold Standard Optical Coagulation Method Applied. 
● Immediate test result with 20uL Whole Blood. 
● 7 inch Touch Screen, User-friendly Interface, Simple operation. 
● Provided 5 Coagulation test items. 
● Store 1000 test result records . 
● Reagent is stored at room temperature and the shelf life is 18 months. 
● Automatic calibration.


Test Item
● Prothrombin time(PT)
● Activation of part of the thrombin time(APTT)
● Thrombin time(TT)
● Fibrinogen(FIB)
● Activated clotting time(ACT)