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Veterinary Infusion Pump

Feature & Functions:
● Compact design
● The compact and light weight design saves space
● Large & colorful LCD display
● Added safety
● Free flow protection
● The built-in flow stop feature helps reduce the risk 
● of accidental free flow when pump door is open.
● Anti-bolus function
● Diminishes the volume of unwanted Bolus injected 
● to the patient after removal of the occlusion cause.
● Anti-reverse rotation detection
● Panel Lock
● The panel lock feature helps prevent unauthorized 
● changes of any instrument setting

● Versatile functions 2000 history records Real time display RS232 interface (optional) 90°rotation pole clamp convenient for  horizontal bar, vertical IV pole & platform use

● User-friendly operation Soft key design, easy to operate Load directly the last infusion rate and volume limit Adjustable buzzer volume Top indicator light reflects the operation status as well as alarm case Night mode to ensure good rest of patients Removable pump body for easy cleaning